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McMillan, John E. Principal
Leath, LaQuisha Assistant Principal
McFarlin, Carmen Assistant Principal
Agee, Temoni HS Vocal Music
Baker, Allie  Biology, Bio. H.; Physical Science
Best, Toni Math 2, Math 2 H, Math 3 Quadratics
Bleck, Natasha Media Coordinator
Bledsoe, Travis MS/HS ISS
Burrell, Natalie HS Eng II;III
Carter, Edwin Band
Dawson, Helena HS Earth Science
Dean, Rebecca African American Studies;Am. History II; Am. History II H.
Dorsey, Velinda HS/MS Excel & Access, Wrd/PP/Pub
Durham, Sophia HS AIG Coordinator
Elliott, Audra HS Math I
Elliott, Flora CTE Facilitator
Grzyb, Elviera Eng I;II;III;IV (ECP inclusion classes) Math I;II;III; Essentials for College Math (ECP inclusion classes)
Johnson, April Drama
Jones,Veronda HS Art; MS Art
McLaurin, Rangel HS Guidance Counselor
McLaurin, Tawanda Social Worker
Montalvo, Jahaira CTE
Packman, Shara Latin 1; 2
Palmer, Robin Dance 1; 2; 3; 4
Pearce, David World History H; Current Affairs
Smallwood, Elizabeth AP Lit; Eng 3/C/H; Eng 3/H; Eng 4/H; Eng 4/C
Snow, Dontrell HS PE/ Health
Stewart, Teresa Chem 1-H; Physical Sci; Phys-H; AP Environ; Physics-H; AP Physics
Swoope, Janice Orchestra
Tedder, Christen Eng 1/AG/H; Eng 3/C; Eng 1/C/H
Weaver, Tatum HS Social Studies
Wiles, Donna Math III/H, Math Ready (SREB) and AP Stats
Atkinson, Venus 6th Grade Math
Agee, Temoni MS Vocal Music
Bryant, Ronald 8th Grade Social Studies
Carter, Edwin Band
Carter, Pamela 6th; 7th; 8th Grade  PE/Health
Dorsey, Velinda S1, Wd/PP/Pub, S2 XL/Acess
Fisher, Robin 8th Grade Math
Ford ,Eddie 7th Grade Social Studies
Freeman, LaRonda 7th Grade Communication Skills
Jones, Veronda MS Art
Lightfoot, Marie MS PE
Martinez, Jill 6th Grade Science
Morris, Tamika MS School Counselor
Nicorvo, Kristy 7th Grade Math
Pittman, Linda 6,7,8th Grade ELA, Math (co-op-inclusion classes)
Plotts, Stacy Smith 6th Grade Social Studies
Rivers, Cynthia 8th Grade Reading
Sanchez, Don 8th Grade Social Studies
Smalls, Erica 6th Grade Communication Skills
Stubbs, Crystal MS AIG Coordinator
Swarts, Meshanna 8th Grade Science
Swoope, Janice Orchestra 1; 2; 3; 4
Wickes, Felicia 7th Grade Science
Williams, Darryl MS Computer Skillls
Support Staff
Betancourt, Elizabeth Computer Lab Assistant; Web Manager; GradPoint Facilitator; NCVPS
Bicer, Jessica Bookkeeper
Deputy Brisson SRO
Chadwick, Tamisha Attendance Clerk
Guidry,Cynthia Receptionist
Little, Michelle Data Manager
McArthur, Arline Administrative Assistant
Barber, Ella Custodian
Huff, Teresa Cafeteria Manager 488-3040
Jones, James Custodian
Rogers, Joseph Head Custodian
Teel, James Custodian
Wallace, Barbara Custodian



Published by Elizabeth Betancourt on July 7, 2017
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